Dan Perry

managing partner, Thunder11

How Will Trump's Indictment Play Out? Look to Israel's Defendant-in-Chief

Many Americans will be asking themselves this weekend how the indictment of former President Donald Trump will influence their country's future. Will he remain one of the two main candidates for the presidency in 2024? They might cast their gaze eastward, to Israel and its own criminal defendant-in-chief, Trump's good buddy Benjamin Netanyahu.

The 'Two Sides' of Israel's Authoritarian Overhaul Frenzy

The outrage spread on WhatsApp after Sara Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife) was seen at a high-end hair salon in Tel Aviv. It was a day when hundreds of thousands had taken to the streets, braving stun grenades and water cannons to protest her husband's efforts to install authoritarianism. Dozens had been arrested, and one man lost an ear.

The World That Knew Too Much

The avalanche of criticism about the corrosive impact of social media has tended to focus on the viral spread of lies. But social media—indeed technological progress as a whole—may be harming us no less by revealing the unvarnished truth about ourselves.