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1. My login/password doesn't work and I can't access the site or my apps.

If you are a current user (subscribed via reset your password. If your email address is not recognized please email for assistance.

2. I cannot download new issues on iPad/Kindle

Please log out of the app and log back in using your credentials. If you are a current user and subscribed via reset your password. If your email address is not recognized please email for assistance.

NOTE : If you subscribed via your app, please contact your app provider (ie: iTunes support) for further assistance. Publishers do not have access to in-app subscriptions.

3. I signed up through an app--am I entitled to free access to your website?

Unfortunately, no. is the only place to sign up for full digital access. You can cancel your app subscription and sign up here to get complete access to the website and our iPad, Kindle and Android apps.

4. Press Inquiries and Media Relations
For all press inquires and media relations matters, please contact

5. Content Licensing, Reprints and Back Issues
For article reprints, permissions, licensing, back/bulk issues, please contact

6. How can I order a recent printed back-issue?

Please go to the following website if you would like to order a back-issue from the last 3 months: Older issues are not available for resale.

7. How can I pay for my subscription?

We have various subscription periods available which will renew automatically unless you decide to cancel.

8. When will I receive my first printed copy?

If you have subscribed to a print only or print and digital package, your first copy is usually delivered within 2 weeks of placing your order, however, we do ask that you allow up to 28 days before querying delivery.

9. What happens if I decide to cancel my subscription?

Important - Please email your request directly to confirming your registered email address.

Premium subscriptions to Newsweek are risk free, we will refund you for any unserved portion of your subscription unless you cancel within 4 weeks prior to your next renewal date. If you cancel within 4 weeks prior to your next renewal date, we will serve your subscription until expiry and cancel your automatic renewal. Monthly Digital+ subscriptions are non-refundable, if you decide to cancel, we will cancel your automatic renewal for you.

10. How do I renew my subscription?

Newsweek operates an automatic renewal policy and as such, renewal reminders are not issued. However, if you decide to cancel your automatic renewal and change your mind prior to expire, you can email us at to reverse this for you.

11. I have more questions, how do I contact you?

We would love to hear from you, please email us directly at We will respond to your email as soon as we can and usually within 48 hours.

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