Letter from our Global Editor in Chief

Newsweek has reshaped and renewed itself multiple times in its almost 90-year history, but our values have never changed. Our stories provide insight into the world around us, fresh perspectives on the most important events of our times. We publish factual, fair and honest journalism; we separate opinion from reporting; we openly acknowledge mistakes and shortcomings. In this time of unprecedented disruption, I believe in our mission more strongly than ever.

But some things have changed—in both the political culture and the media. There's less shared ground; more partisanship, polarization, suspicion. Those who dissent on either side are caricatured or canceled.

At Newsweek, because we seek engagement, not agreement, we cover stories from multiple points of view. We aim to challenge unexamined assumptions and the received wisdom—thoughtfully, factually and respectfully. For readers now, we believe this commitment makes Newsweek indispensable.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

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Newsweek is an equal opportunity employer. We seek employees of diverse backgrounds and are committed to providing an inclusive, equitable and respectful workplace.